I have been reading your answered in this forum and so many things do not make sense to me. I am not sure if you work for Honda or Honda Fan or a Mechanic. 2008 Honda Civic has an EPA Rating 40/45, does Honda manual tell you to do the following like you have suggested to improve the mileage, Install and use an engine block heater, In colder days block your front grille, Always compute your mileage by hand. The HCH display typically underestimates the MPG. The Prius almost always overestimates the MPG. Raise your tire pressure to 40 PSI in the front and 38 in the rear. Avoid any fuel with ethanol. Don't drive like grandma. All your suggestions do not make sense. You are expecting the owner to do all your suggestions after spending money to buy the Civic Hybrid. If you are the Honda Salesman, no way you sell the Civic Hybrid if you are suggesting your ideas.

Do not be wrong, I have 2004 Honda Accord EX with 200K miles with no problem, traded with 2012 Prius. I also have 2007 Acura MDX, no problem. I get 53-56 MPG on my Prius which higher than the EPA rating. I even calculated manually and only 2 MPG different. I did not do any thing like you have suggested to the Honda Hybrid owners to my Prius to obtain the above gas mileage.

I agreed with you if you increase the tire pressure to 40 PSI and driving in warmer states, the gas mileage will be better. If you live east coast, the Prius will have less MPG during the winter time. I do not blame soniamichael1 to get very upset with the MPG by getting 32.5 MPG for 40/45 MPG. I will be upset too.

If you live in California, I would like to drive with you in your Honda Civic Hybrid and I want to see if you can get the MPG like the Prius without out non sense modifications. BTW, I still get 50-51 MPG with the A/C on my Prius.