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    Hi Guys, I have a 2006

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2006 hybrid with the software update.
    It still gives me 60-64 on long drives.

    How I did it?

    keep the tire pressure at 40 Psi.
    Maintain speed between 50-60.use state routes most of the time.
    Although it may take an extra hr over a 350-400 mile stretch,the mileage difference will be atleast 5-10 mpg.
    have ur alignment checked.
    Always use cruise control.Never accelerate hard.
    Start driving right after u start the engine.No need to idle.

    Its the way u drive.I hope 50-60 is not grandma driving at all.
    I have a friend who was complaining about his mileage a lot.
    We exchanged the cars for a week after we reset the trip meters.
    After a week we analyzed.I got very great mileage on his car and he got a disgusting mileage on my car.
    The point is,it depends on the driving habits.
    When I got the car ,I was getting 38-40.Over a months period ,I figured out from the gauges as to the best way of driving.U have to figure out urself the best driving patterns.

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    Hi Guys, I have just

    Hi Guys,
    I have just bought a honda Civic Hybrid MXST Model 2008 Japan. The DVD player language is in Chinese can any one help me how i can change the language to english. Any software to be used!


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    I just purchased a 2007

    I just purchased a 2007 Civic Hybrid, and found this forum due to my concern with gas mileage. I am getting around 35mpg... not even close to the 50 I should be getting. What am I doing wrong? I just want to get the most out of this car, and so far I am only disappointed. I'd like the basics, without the drama attached, please. Thank you!

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    I concur. I have a 2006

    I concur. I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid. It was getting mileage in the 40's, not the EPA listing, but not bad- then I took it in for an oilchange-and-service and it got a "computer program update" and now my mileage is 33-37. The service rep gives me the usual "changed driving habits", "alcohol in the fuel in winter" bla bla blah but this happened well over a year ago. It was fine before the "computer update", dropped immediately after, hasn't come back. Plus the realtime battery charge meter readings make no sense at all now. (example - jumps from 3 bars to 10 bars, then back. What?) I am resigned to lower gas mileage. I got screwed, and next time I am going for the Toyota Prius. Hope you're reading this, Honda!

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    my dads 2004 HCH ussualy

    my dads 2004 HCH ussualy gets 38.9-40.4 mpg mixed city/highway. the other day it got 29MPG, i realized it was because we were IDLING inside the car wash. The problem with this car is that the dealer was giving my dad the wrong tranny fluid for the CVT and then it died back in fall 2009 at 182,000 miles. After months of trying to fix it last summer (2011), we got a new CVT for a bargain $150 and $150 for shipping. My dads had this car since I was 7 back in 2004. Its currently at 189,000 miles on the original battery...hmm is that a world record?(for 1st gen HCH)

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    Ro111, I have a Honda Civic

    Ro111, I have a Honda Civic Hybrid 2007 as well. When my wife bought the car, she regularly got 43-44 mpg city and highway. Now she gets around 34 mpg. It used to be 38 before the software update they did a year or so ago. Right now we have around 90k miles.

    There are people on this forum who will tell you they get 100mpg in their pinto. People like this exist; they are called hypermilers. They are not normal people. You and I will get 30-35 in our four year old hybrids, because we think about other stuff.

    I suspect the main problem is the life of the battery. Any battery looses efficiency over thousands of cycles. Think about your laptop - the battery dies after a couple years.

    What's everyone doing with your recall notice?

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    Fellow civic hybrid owners,

    Fellow civic hybrid owners, please not to settle down the class action against Honda yet.

    Do some homework first:



    Get $$$$ back for our missing mileage!

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    I had similar experiences

    I had similar experiences until my first major maintenance check when they installed some new software to protect/enhance the battery. I lost 6-8 mpg immediately! The dealer recommended a few procedures that have given me back 3-4 miles, but it has never given the early mileage since. Other than that, the car is great. I plan to sign the lawsuit even though it will only pay a couple hundred dollars.

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    because of the handling of

    because of the handling of the problems my honda hybrid. i have purged all my hondas. honda builds a good car but if you ever have a real problem they are not going to fix it. i ran in to this same type of thing with the motorcycle div. i have gone to chevy and have been happy with them so far. i still have the hybrid and guess i will for a long time. how could you sell this car to anyone.

    it's broke

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    the update limits assisting

    the update limits assisting power from the battery, thus relying more on the gasoline engine (its a failed attempt to make the battery last longer)

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