Hi Guys,

I have a 2006 hybrid with the software update.
It still gives me 60-64 on long drives.

How I did it?

keep the tire pressure at 40 Psi.
Maintain speed between 50-60.use state routes most of the time.
Although it may take an extra hr over a 350-400 mile stretch,the mileage difference will be atleast 5-10 mpg.
have ur alignment checked.
Always use cruise control.Never accelerate hard.
Start driving right after u start the engine.No need to idle.

Its the way u drive.I hope 50-60 is not grandma driving at all.
I have a friend who was complaining about his mileage a lot.
We exchanged the cars for a week after we reset the trip meters.
After a week we analyzed.I got very great mileage on his car and he got a disgusting mileage on my car.
The point is,it depends on the driving habits.
When I got the car ,I was getting 38-40.Over a months period ,I figured out from the gauges as to the best way of driving.U have to figure out urself the best driving patterns.