You speak of "good will" as if it's something I lack. I assure you, I carried the facts to the Honda Corporate office with nothing but good will. I thought very highly of Honda and was sure that the case manager with Honda corporate would rectify the issue. The dealership kindly, and professionally told me, that they could not replace tires with over 10,000 miles without corporates approval. I sincerely thought Honda would stand behind thier product and do what was right. I did not cause the tires to wear. The faulty part in their product did. Why wouldn't I think that I was in the right??? The tires only had 13,000 miles on them. Even the cheapest tires don't start to wear until 20,000. I was not under the illusion that I was right. I WAS clearly in the right.
Just as Honda IS clearly in the wrong. It was like being slapped in the face as a customer. Only then, did the good will vanish indefinitely.