Hi MSantos... My Honda Dealer Manager told me just last week that "as a courtesy to your car, you should warm the car up before you drive it???" You say the opposite. I have warmed it up a few times but hardly enough to warrant such low gas mileage. I have stopped that practice.

I drive solely with the gauges, and I am really a very conservative driver. I took my car on a highway trip last week, and managed to get 30.3 MPG's on the highway. I was faithful to Cruise Control, placed the car in neutral on the hills, drove within speed limit... so I am really PO'd here.

The Dealer has put the correct oil in the engine, or at least that's what they wrote on the invoice. The Dealer is more than willing to work with me, and have the car checked out thoroughly.

I continue to have window problems, having had the driver's window lubed about 4 times, the most recent in December. On my recent trip, the window refused to go up on the highway. It took several attempts. Its really annoying me now, because they told me the problem has been fixed.

I'll keep you updated.

I don't feel comfortable giving you my information, or the car's info, invoice #, dealer etc, as I do not know you... and feel more comfortable working with the dealer. Hope you understand.