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    Can my hybrid jump-start my non-hybrid?

    My family has three cars -- an 02 Prius, an 07 Camry Hybrid, and an 05 Honda CRV. Now the battery is weak on the CRV, and it won't start.

    I've read (specifically in the jump-starting entry on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jump_start_%28vehicle%29) that a hybrid's secondary battery can't be used to jump-start a conventional vehicle, because the hybrid's 12-volt battery just is not designed to provide the surge of current that a starter requires. This seems technically reasonable to me (a software engineer w/o mechanical skills).

    Any thoughts on this?

    I'm kinda stuck at the moment. I guess I'll have to ask a neighbor for a jump. I never really considered this possible downside to having a hybrid.

    Barry S.
    Phoenix, AZ

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    For related info, got to:


    The Prius is not made for jump starting other cars.

    If the situation is extreme, the best recommendation is to connect up the running (or "Ready") Prius to the other vehicle battery, but let the other vehicle battery charge up for 10-15 minutes. Then disconnect the jumpers and try to start.

    I would recommend monitoring the Prius battery voltage using the secret screen below:



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    Good info. Thanks!

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting.

    The rest of my saga:
    - Bought a plug-in battery charger (NAPA brand) that was supposed to provide 55 amps in a short burst to start the vehicle. It did crank the engine, but apparently not fast enough to start it. After several tries, I returned the charge to the NAPA store.
    - Finally got a neighbor with his larger SUV to give me a jump start.


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