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I'm getting ready to trade-in a 2006 HCH... 9,600 miles! Fed up with low mileage, recalls, lack of service. Incompetent technicians. Just getting run arounds by the dealer. Honda is really goofing up on these hybrids.
Sorry about the bad dealer you've got. Any chance in visiting another dealer?

Here are a few additional questions:

Is your "poor" mileage something you're observing right now with this weather?

If so, then we're all in the same ship here. Cold temperatures will bring down the mileage for ANY car. The HCH is not an exception. What have your temps been recently?

Second question:

Do you use a block heater at all?

Third question:

How long are your drives?
Short drives where the car basically has no chance to warm up are absolute FE killers for any car. The HCH is no exception.