I have test driven both cars now and one major difference I notices was that the MMH engine was VERY loud. Accelerating from a dead stop and the engine got up to 5K rpm and almost seemed to struggle.

Tonight I drove a FEH 08 for the 1st time and it was 100% different. It only got up to 3K rpm under the same type of test and was MUCH quieter. No struggles at all

I wouldnt expect this normally considering they should basically be the same vehicle, or so I think (?). The dealer did tell me that one difference in the MMH is has better internal sound proofing, which confuses me even more.

Looking at the reviews on Edmunds, 2/22 MMH 08 reviews mention noise as a complaint. Yet on the FEH 08, 0/39 complain and 3 even specifically mention how quiet the car is!

So, my question is whether or not this is a real know issue or just that there was a reason that there was 1 MMH left on the lot and I heard why?

Thanks in advance