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    Wow. i had so many

    Wow. i had so many questions I did not expect so quick and complete response. Thank you very much. i suspected some of the answers but I'd rather not be second guessing myself.

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    M.Santos: Following up on

    M.Santos: Following up on your comments:
    1. Do you recommend two or four snow tires?
    2. On the undercoating: do you recommend it or is it redundant to the protection guaranteed by Honda? Does it add more weight than it is worth?


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    James: 1- Always, always,


    1- Always, always, use tires in sets of four- particularly when discussing snow tires. This is a matter of safety and any good dealer or tire shop will discourage you from going for a set of two only.

    2- If done properly, it certainly works for me and it can work for you too. It is never redundant and while it adds a pound or so (depending on the total mass applied) it also sound-proofs the car and protects it from further stone/gravel damage. Overall, it is a pretty good thing to have done.


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    On page 211 of the '06

    On page 211 of the '06 Owners Manual:

    "Mount Snow Tires on all four wheels"

    I went with snow tires (on their own rims) with some of our previous vehicles, but would say it depends on your climate. We're in the lower mainland, southwest corner of BC, Canada. I got tired of the investment, labour and storage issues, and now just ensure we have decent all-season tires. Of course on the prairies or back east winters are a lot more severe and prolonged snowy conditions are the norm, and warrant snow tires. Or even here, if you go sking, etc.

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    Going back to the oxygen

    Going back to the oxygen sensor stuff... was it the A/F sensor that you had replaced or the oxegen sensors? There are 2 oxygen sensors in the car and honda only sells them in pairs. I'm just curious if there are any after market suppliers of the oxygen sensors as they are really expensive. My dealer waned $500 for the pair but they I have found them for $324 online. The oxegen sensor part # is 06365-PZA-A00

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