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    FEH-snow tires? chains?

    Anyone have advice for our new Hybrid Escape - in preparing for snow driving? Are there special snow tires or a "chain" that's fitting for hybrid tires?

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    Where do you live? In deep snow country--snow tires. In occassional snow, sometimes heavy snow, sometimes a mix of everything--go for the Goodyear Triple Treads or Nokian WR tires. These two "all season" tires have the mountain and snowflake rating meaning they are rated for severe winter usage. These tires have 60 and 50,000 mile warranty ratings so they will last a lot longer than pure snow tires and should handle better too. They may not provide as much snow traction as pure snow tires.

    The stock Conti Ecoplus tires are all-season tires. I tried them in a heavy, wet 4 inch snowfall and was not too impressed with the snow traction. You can use the internet and search for more information. Tirerack.com has a large amount of information on tires.

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