HI all,

This is my 1st post after lurking here while waiting 5 months for delivery of my '08 due to battery shortages.

I am currently averaging 26 mpg, but I think my Nav display is in u.s. mpg and will confirm this at my next fillup...that would be nice as my mpg will increase 20% to reflect the Cdn. gallon.

I noticed on a 50 mile trip on the highway that my nav shows power coming from the engine to the drive wheeels as well as to the electric motor continously at 70 mph...I wonder why the use of the hv generator on the motor to run the electic motor steady on the highway on the flat?

I also noticed that while going up 3-4% grade hills the rpm's would sit around 4K and the display would show a 1/2 sec burst from the hv battery every 5 seconds or so...you would think a more steady assist would be better so the engine rpms could drop a bit. And then while going down the opposite side of the hill maybe one or two 1/2 sec blips of charge to the battery.

The truck only has 1,000 miles on it so maybe it will settled down more in time?

In the city in runs great, shutting off after warm up and travelling up to 48 kph in ev mode and higher on slight downgrades, and for distances up to 2 miles!

I have also taken it out to a local 4 wheel drive spot to see how it performed where I used to take my Expedition (traded it in on the FEH) and other 4wd truck I keep as a 2nd vehicle. I had wanted to confirm I had 4wd in reverse, which it does and wanted to see how it would perform going up sandy hills in forward and reverse......quite well in forward...reverse is less powerful but more than adequate if you know your driving techniches. Crossing a creek where the ramp down was so steep that the front skirt scraped the sand on the other side, I stopped, put it in reverse, and was able to back right up and out....impressive.

I also noticed, while reading here, about the degrading of the regenerative braking in cold weather....I can say that in the 2008 FEH there is definitily a difference while in drive, but if you keep it in low in the city it doesn't change...at least to -10C here on Suday. I expect my brakes will go well past 100K before replacement as I usually coast to stoplights in low...from 30 mph to about 5mph where it kicks out I would say it takes about 10 seconds and quite easily contolled if you are slowing to fast by pressing on the gas pedal a little to change the strength on the flow bars to a lighter line. With practice, you hardly need brakes at all in the city over 10 mph if you don't follow too closely....yet another saving you have to take into account while figuring out you payback time...if that concerns you....I don't care..I bought the truck to help the planet and am looking for to a plug in option when they become available.

I have many more observations I have noticed, ie....the 5 thicknesses of the flow bars on the display...each accounting for about 20% of the strength of the flow...in or out and how to work them to stay in ev mode etc.

If any are interested....let me know...I will post more thoughts....and questions!


p.s. my Wife is from Mexico...hence the username 'Se Verde' which translates to 'Go Green'
and of course, that is what the plates say on the vehicle.