ok, im new to all this but the price of fuel here in the uk (1.00 per litre - $7.50 per gallon) is getting me thinking.

i am currently restoring an old vw bug and am looking at the empty engine bay and thinking "out of the box", well off the planet actually! i would like to drive this car using an electric motor. not just that, but i want to charge the batteries from within the car using a version of the magnadrive.

i am an engineer and my work involves dc drive motors ( used underwater in a treadmill ) with transformers, caps and computer controlled drive systems, so i have some knowledge and all the equipment i need at work. however there are gaps in my knowledge.......

my question(s) : "what sort of ampage charging system will i need to sustain charge in the batteries, how many batteries will i need and how much will they cost?"