So, this is something I just don't get. I figured I'd ask some folks here, who might know...

Looking at the list of hybrid vehicles, I am stunned by the apparent lack of forethought in which market segments to address. You see plenty of sedans of various sizes, and now a wave of mid- to large SUV's. But the one market segment which is fastest growing, and which would seem to make the most sense for hybrid tech (lighter weight, more likely bought by urban crowds, smaller footprint image), is the compact or small SUV market. And yet, in that segment, you have only one true hybrid - the Ford Escape / Mercury Mountaineer. Saturn has its VUE Green Line, but I think its a stretch to call that a hybrid.

Am I missing something? Why aren't we seeing Toyota go with the RAV4 route? Or Honda the CRV route? Or GM going with something other than the half-hearted attempt in the VUE? It just seems like this is really poor marketing judgement.

I am sure others have noticed this. Anyone want to comment on reasons why?