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    What is good for the World

    Just registered for the site and am test driving a Prius and maybe some other hybrid models today!
    I have been seeing alot of posts about how hybrids are bad for America and this and that. There in lies the problem. What about the world? Do these people think that America is in some kind of bubble that is immune to pollution and radiation? Since when did saving the earth become bad? Oh I forgot that its very necessary for a person that isn't married, without children, has no horses or anything requiring large tow capacity, to own a monster truck that could carry enough food to feed a small country. Just so they can cut me off and ride my bumper while going 65mph down a residential road during school hours.
    These people are the ones saying Imports are bad for America. America would be in very, very bad shape without imported contracts, services, and goods. Being in the military I know first hand that all we use are foreign contractors and sevices over seas. Most of these companies are doing this because we dont have the time or the know how to accomplish it ourselves.
    I love our country but I also realize that we are living on planet earth as well. If it gets destroyed then, contrary to pupular belief, America too will fall.
    I dont even own a hybrid, YET, but I even know the importance of relying on each other and working together to save what we can at least. These import companies are doing us a favor. They could just Cut us off one day and we could do nothing about it.
    Bottom line is that all I see from those posts are people talking about American CAR companies and if they are using anything foreign I.E. cell phones, appliances, electronics, recreational vehicles, than you are a hypocrite plain and simple.
    And please no blows about punctuation, grammer, spelling, etc....I'm not an english/writing major like you and if thats all you got thats just lame. I just wanna buy a hybrid and see if anyone wants to add the the rant

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    Don't know much about "depending upon each other" to save the world but I know what I've done to increase my Prius mpg. (BTW- the world doesn't need us to save it... the world will be here long after we're gone.)
    But while we're here, lets give as little money as possible to terrorists that want to kill us by using as little of their energy as we can.
    I got an '07 Prius back in May.
    I've done a few things to increase the MPG. Some work, some have no effect.
    I can say, confidently, that my Prius gets better mileage if I overinflate the tires to ~50 psi, use Mobil-1 5w30 synthetic oil and remove almost 50 lbs of unnessassary junk from the car (rear floor mats and head rests, the manual, the rear hatch area floor mat, a truly useless chunk of steel used to tow the vehicle in the event you find yourself in some strange land with no tow trucks, flat tire straps and buckles, and several pieces of plastic and rubber used for shelving.
    I get 54 mpg in the city and about 63 on the hwy.
    Toyota claimed more MPG in the city than hwy but this must use some strange algorithm. I get more mileage on the hwy, as all cars do.
    Driving ~45 mph also seems to be the butter zone for highest efficency on a Prius. There is some talk that "pulse and glide" driving will yield more mpg but I have yet to understand this technique.
    I think there is something to the current charge level of the batteries and your speed but I lose any understanding past that.
    Good luck

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    i hate you

    i hate you

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