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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord Hybrid -

    Don't tell anyone but, this car stinks.
    I average 29 mpg. I am committed to the Hybrid technology & my husband is 6'4 so I made the compromise. I lost. The gas millage does not compare to the prius. While this car has power & leg room and, luxurious options it does not compare to a "true" Hybrid. I have my 2003 prius listed on cars.com but, if anyone wants to buy my Accord Hybrid I am willing to sell and, take my old Prius.

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    If you are getting 29 mpg in the Accord, then you are receiving close to the average of what others are getting (31), and approximately the same amount below the EPA that the Prius tends to get, according to the mileage database on another forum.

    While I sympathize with your situation, I would have to say that you should not be blaming Honda. The Accord Hybrid is a performance automobile that gets better mileage than its non-hybrid cousin, while delivering greater horsepower, acceleration, etc. It was not intended to be a frugal, gas-miserly automobile, like any of the Prius, Civic Hybrid, or Insight.

    I say give your big galoot of a husband the Accord, keep the Prius, and sell whatever other car you have. Then you are not only ensuring your own personal domestic tranquility, but with *two* hybrids, you are contributing to the development and success of hybrid technology at twice the rate that most of the rest of us are.

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    I'm 6'1" and fit inside my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with more than an few inches to spare. (And my wife fits inside her 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid with ease - good advice, Chuck!)

    I looked at the Accord Hybrid when it came out. Sure, it's got nicer trim and more power and it's bigger and all that you would expect another $10,000 to buy above a baseline Honda Civic Hybrid. But I get almost twice as much mileage, because I'm hauling around much less car - no surprise there.

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    Wow Paul, a two-hybrid family; that's really cool. We want to do that also, but don't know what we will replace our Toyota minivan with.

    We need a car that is still functional for lugging stuff around (e.g. kids and college), but there isn't much in that category yet. I'd love to have a Honda Element Hybrid, but I'm not sure that is ever going to happen. I guess I'll just have to be patient (which is not one of my strengths...).

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    Well we are a two-diesel family. My Passat TDI, which I use for commuting 65 miles each way to work every day, averages in summer, 38-40 mpg in my daily commute. This car is about the same size and "luxury" as your husband's Accord.

    My wife's Jetta wagon, about the equivalent of your Prius (if they made a wagon version), averages about 45 mpg in daily driving.

    YMMV, but we do mostly highway or rural driving, situations in which a diesel excels over a hybrid. If you drive mostly in the city, hybrid probably makes more sense.


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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    Thank You for your feed back.
    I have sold my Prius and, have made peace with my Accord Hybrid. I will agree that the Accord-Hybrid is very comfortable. I Loved my Prius and, highly reccommed the Prius for a single person or a couple without children and, dogs. Regardless Go Hybrid.

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord


    In my opinion....you should have purchased a 2005 Prius. The Prius excells in price and fuel consumption over the Honda.

    This morning I travelled 111k on 4 lane highway after a fillup and the readout was 3.9 litres per 100k. 71 MPG Imperial (Canadian) or approximately 56.8 mpg US.

    And what do you average in the Honda?

    G. Kadey

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    I actually received the 2005 Prius and, the 2005 still did not provide my 6'4 250lb husband enough comfort so, I had to decline the vehicle. (which was sold 20 minutes later to the next name on the wait list).

    I am averaging 29 mpg on the Accord-Hybrid.
    When people ask me about a Hybrid I tell them to get the Prius but, based on my family needs I am driving the Accord-Hybrid. I plan on keeping this car untill the Camry becomes available.

    I still will not drive a SUV even a Hybrid. I think it is important to mention that when I sold my Prius 2003 I actually made a profit on selling a used car. I will always and, forever only drive Hybrids.

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    I traded in my 2003 Prius for the Accord

    Ditch the Accord, keep the Prius IMO. Or better yet...get a Gen 2 Prius :-)

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    Nice one...Anyway, I have here some update about my car, Honda...I hope this might help and give some ideas...=)
    The new, 2007 Honda CR-V is more powerful, more stylish and more comfortable than the previous-generation 2006 models. Its new suspension geometry delivers an improved ride and better, more responsive handling.

    The engine, still an inline four cylinder, employs variable intake valve timing to optimize horsepower and torque for acceleration and cruising speeds. The transmission is a new, five-speed automatic. Real Time all-wheel drive is offered on all three models. The U.S. EPA rates the front-wheel drive CR-V at 23/30 city/highway miles per gallon and the all-wheel drive at 22/28.

    Thus, buyers looking for peppy performance, snazzy styling and easier financing have better choices. Its Honda fuel filter and other accessories like Honda bumper in their excellent condition...But for Honda loyalists looking for something better than their current CR-V or an SUV to step up into from their Civic, the '07 is the logical way to go…

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