Dear All

My Civic HCH11 has been trundling along achieving 4.1 l/100 (57mpg). I have noticed that the battery indicator will not drop below 4 bars. When 4 bars are reached all EV stops and the car forces a recharge. (I try and EV as often as I can) the recharge occurs quite quickly suggesting that there is a 'memory' in the battery

In my Insight this portion of the display contains the bulk of the charge because the display is weighted the bars are the bottom represent more charge than the ones at the top force recharge seems to never occur.

I have spoken to the local Honda dealer who have said that this is ‘normal’ and they will only look at the car if it fails to start otherwise they will charge me for the pleasure – not warrantee work

Has any one else managed to fully discharge their battery, is this normal?