Up in Thompson ,Manitoba , Cananda (Eh), they test vehicles from all types and brands. The temperature up here gets as low as -50 degress Celcius and averages -32 degress Celcius. A friend participated in a test program and drove a prius for a year (winter/summer). The car does very poorly in cold temperatures. Gas economy goes down as much as 50 % and the batteries need to be trickle charged or the car does not run on the electricity if there's not enough power-due to the cold. The tires don't grip and you feel like you're driving on ice all the time. He hit a few snowbanks simply slowing down at a stop light. The car performed better in the summer but the winter put a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle and required lots of maintnenance. Electrical parts were frequently replaced. If you get stuck, there's no horsepower to get you out!

Overall, if you live in Canada, a hybrid is not a good investment-even in the name of the environment! A fuel efficient Honda or Toyota is still the best option right now. I think we are just beginning to develop alternative vehicles and like solar panels 30 year ago which were thought to be the way to go, there has been so much advancement in this technology to make it quite viable today. I'd rather spend my money on solar power to reduce carbon emmissions than waste it on "needs more work" car technology. So If you're Canadian, take that extra money saved in buying a fuel efficient vehicle and buy solar panels. You are still doing your part in saving the environment!