Hi Everyone,

I've got just under 60k miles on my '05 Ford HEV. I was getting about 37 mpg by not using the AC or the vent fan, and it was great! I was averaging about 500 miles to a tank in LA traffic.

A wierd thing happened to me last week tho and I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas. For some reason, my gas engine didn't seem to want to shut off. I was in traffic and the gas engine started up really rough and then immediately shut down.

After I got off the freeway just after that the engine came on and seemed to stay on. Usually when I get into my residential track, I can go pure electric. The battery was fully charged and the engine just seemed to keep charging it.

I turned on the AC and this seemed to bleed off some of the battery and now everything seems to be working fine. Except that my mileage has dropped to 35mpg. D'oh!

Any thoughts or suggestions?