At 30,000 we have to replace our Goodyear Intergery tires no tread.
I was told that all the hybrids are going through tires faster than normal. These tires are rated for 50,000 Iam working with the goodyear dealer about warantty replacement. Was told that I will have to pay part of the bill
I think that Toyota and the tire manufactures need to come up with someting that will last longer. they told me because of the weight is why they don't last as long. I would not think that the adsded 500 pounds would make a differance. My deisel truck has a higher rated tire than its gas counter part May be that is what it needs. Has any one replaced there tires and if so with what? There are only two tires that Goodyear has for the Highlander Intergery, Fortera triple tread.