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Thread: Hybrids = Scam

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    I'm not really sure if the

    I'm not really sure if the hybrid is a scam.I'm pretty pleased with the services and I really like the hybrid idea.

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    There's a few other things

    There's a few other things that prevent Auto-Stop:

    1. Coming to a very sudden stop. This is Honda design I think: the logic being that you've made a panic stop, and may need to get going immediately, so you don't need the slight delay auto-stop imposes.

    2. Having the transmission in S (Sport). This is a sure-fire way to switch it off, if you're so inclined.

    3. Cold weather starts will delay the Hybrid "behaviours" in general, Auto-Stop being one of them.

    4. MSantos can nail it more specifically, but some defog settings will disable Auto-Stop, again by design: Honda assumes if you're fogging up you want all the help you can get, and Auto-Stop may delay the defogging and/or deplete the big battery charge by running the air conditioning just off the battery.

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    Whaaat? 38-41? I get 38 on

    Whaaat? 38-41?

    I get 38 on my Corolla easily
    It is a stick shift.
    If I drive carefully and use the Neutral in-town, I can get even higher than 41

    a scam indeed!

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    I don't think all hybrids

    I don't think all hybrids are some.Most of the people did gave a positive feedback about the hybrids. But few experience such unlucky may be because of some faulty equipment.

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    Florentin. If you drove a

    Florentin. If you drove a Civic Hybrid the exact same way you drive your Corolla, you'd get better than 41 also. I'd bet you'd get better than what you get in your Corolla. Heck, If I want, I can get 40 in a much bigger, much more luxurious VW Passat, but I have to be on a track .
    A few posters here make the mistake of comparing two different vehicles in two different situations, but ignoring the difference in the situations. I question whether we can ever get around their logical fallacies, but as a teacher, I always keep some reserves of patience.
    Our 2006HCH in its total history of mixed (40% freeway miles) driving has gotten 37, and we don't hypermile. I just get in it and go. I prefer to concentrate on getting better mileage in our manual Passat Wagon, which we drive half as much, because I can make a bigger difference there. In other words, Increasing its efficiency 25% saves more gas than increasing the efficiency of the Civic 25%.
    One recommendation for the Civic: Long before the factory-installed pair wore out, we got much quieter tires, much more expensive, but worth it because they last much longer, handle much better, and didn't reduce our mileage at all. Triple-Treds.

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    Regardless............ Hybrid


    Hybrids are still a pretentious scam!

    Normal congested city driving doesn't allow for grandma driving as hyper-posters would allow you to believe.

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    I think the hybrid handle on

    I think the hybrid handle on some vehicles is misleading. When you look at some vehicles with a hybrid label and it is "only" getting a few miles more to the gallon than their counterparts, I guess it can be a bit misleading. If you are buying a hybrid for the "green effect" then you are doing a good thing. If MPGs is the reason, I think you have to look at the added cost over the lifetime of contract. Is the added few thousands going to pay off for me? I bought and have enjoyed driving my 2008 and do avg around 45/mpg. I could have bought a regular Civic but would have lost that extra 150+ miles per tankfull. I drive long distances and appreciate this feature.

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    ANYTHING THAT SAYS GREEN, ECO OR HYBRID IS A COMPLETE SCAM, HOAX, LIE, AND A MYTH. Wanna make the world better? Kill tree hugging lying hppies and liberals and remove obungler by ANY means necessary

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    I completely 100% agree. I

    I completely 100% agree. I own a 96 Civic with a B-series swap and while certainly no economy car at this point, it still manages to get 36 mpg around town. And that is on premium. It was tuned on a dyno so it is setup to deliver 200hp and the above mileage. I would like to see a Prius do the same thing. I also own a 100% stock 96 Camry V6 and again, no economy car, still manages 32 mpg on the highway. I drove to Baltimore and back to Mechanicsburg PA and only used about 5 gallons of fuel. Which I do not think is too bad for a 15 year old car that only gets basic maintenance. I traded a 500 dollar non-running VW Golf for the car, one of the best decisions of my life...LOL.

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    You are comparing apples and

    You are comparing apples and oranges. Car companies don't make old stripped down cars with poor safety and creature comforts but great gas mileage for two reasons:

    1) people won't buy them
    2) there isn't much money to be made by building and selling them

    In case its not obvious the car companies aren't out to do what is "right" or "green", they are out to make money.

    Hybrids are a useful bridge technology that allows people to 1) keep more features that they value like power, safety, create comforts 2) drastically reduce emissions/pollution and 3) improve gas mileage (especially in the city).

    I have a 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and get about 25-26 mpg in the city. I don't care what stickers say, I know other people who drive similar "family" vehicles in my area of town and they get anywhere from 14-20 mpg. So, 26 is not going to set the world on fire but it is substantially better than my neighbors while providing my children with a safe vehicle that is not too large.

    I think they are a great alternative.

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