MSantos... I have not logged in for a couple of months... I had my 06 HCH at the Dealership for 3 days in Jan-Feb, and they ran tests on it, and finally found that the problem is that the wheel bearings were shot (15, 000 kms). That was supposed to be the main cause of my low MPG's. The bearings were replaced... and it made absolutely no difference in the car's performance. It took a techn ician from Toronto to come to Niagara Falls to learn that the bearings were shot! I am still averaging 30-32 and less MPG's combo highway and city. City only is 22 mpg's. Over the past several months, I have changed my driving habits immensely, driving only by the guages, staying within speed limits, etc... and nothing has changed for me. I am really at a loss. My Accord could get 45 MPG's Highway and 38-40 combo. No one at Honda Canada returns my calls, or seem to know too much about the Hybrid. Its been a real fiasco.

My dealer, in consultation with the Toronto office, wants to give me $2000.00 toward an '08 Accord, as a compensation for the inconvenience and aggravation the past 2 years! This is after 4 months of waiting to hear from them!!! I have been a Honda driver for over 20 years.... I have visited several other dealerships the past two weeks, and their offers beat out Honda by a long-shot. I can walk away with an '09 Camry for a cheaper price than an '08 Accord!!! Thanks for your patience. I'm really at a loss. I want to stay Hybrid... but what can I do? MSantos.

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