Yah, no complaints there! I'm very happy that I don't have to fill up for 2 weeks and I'll go about 375 to 400 miles on a tank full. Thats not my issue.

My issue is how I was lied to about the stated MPG!!!

This car is not as invincible as other hyperposters would lead you to believe.

Just look at the threads on the HCH

* Dead battery
* Malfunction lights
* Transmission slow to engage
* Power window problems
* Park brake dragging
* Excessive jerking
* Bad MPG (My favorite!)
* Rear tire wear

At least I'll have infinite mpg on the Volt w/all of Chevy's problems. Or better yet the 2009 plug-ins Prius. I can't wait to dump this car on Ebay.

Here's to SCAMS!