Three months as a new Civic hybrid and I am still very dissapointed. I've still only averaged a pitiful 38 to 41 mpg. Thank Goodness for the XM radio and Navi thats included or I'd been really pissed. It just makes think the whole "Hybrid" is a huge scam!

In the old days there was no such thing as a "hybrid" when there was the CRX HF, or the Civic VX, or the VW diesel Rabbit. They all got better gas mileage than my 2007 Civic Hybrid!

CASE IN POINT: My old 1990 CRX HF (averaged 51 mpg!) got better gas mileage than my brand new 07 Civic Hybrid. There is no other reason to believe the car companies are still holding back on MPG technology. "Hybrid" is another way to charge more money for a little badge on the back of the car!

How pathetic you all have been scammed like me!