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    Oh here we go again. Toyota

    Oh here we go again. Toyota pumping money into this site and having its internet division putting in adverts in where it can.

    Of course when the American Car companies come out with something new they don't list it here because toyota has its goons running this site.

    The only thing green about Toyota is American money to go to japan.

    Toyota is anti American and anti greeen. The prius plant is a mega environmental disaster and driving an old hummer is better than driving a new prius.

    Join in to save the planet and dont drive a toyota keep your old car.

    Stop buying toyota cars period they are cheap and if you get into an accident you wont make it. Saftey of these cars is horrable very thin metal.

    Do this go to a Toyota dealer flex the hood of a prius then do it at a ford dealer with any car they make. You will see how cheap the Toyota is.

    Toyota has people brain washed that buying a prius is good for the air. When keeping your old car is much better . Prevents land fills .

    I do recommend keeping your old car tuned up and making sure it passes emissions.


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    "Do this go to a Toyota

    "Do this go to a Toyota dealer flex the hood of a prius then do it at a ford dealer with any car they make. You will see how cheap the Toyota is."

    We all know the key to quality and safety is the thickness of the hood.

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    Didn't there used to be a

    Didn't there used to be a button for this forum you could press to mark a comment as spam?

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    To make this short and

    To make this short and sweet, I just want to reiterate what someone else said - "There is no such thing as an American car." All these companies have huge chunks of their operations outsourced all over the world. In addition, using Toyota as an example, many of these companies are in America and are creating jobs for Americans. There are Toyota branch plants all over Canada and the US - these branch plants create tons of jobs. In addition, Toyota is repeatedly praised for their unique operations. They are the textbook example of a company with excellent TQM strategies. Toyota is well known for quality. Yes, American cars are getting better, but are still unmatched to the operational effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage yielded by Toyota. I find it entertaining Geise, that you have so much time on your hands to repeatedly post negative comments on this forum. Maybe you should spend more time working or doing oil changes on your American car? Have a great day!

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    I'd rather crash a Prius

    I'd rather crash a Prius than a Neon, Cavalier, or Escort, which I believe all weigh more than the Prius, and I KNOW have far lower safety ratings.

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    Please, don't feed the

    Please, don't feed the trolls.
    No point in feeding the troll's sock-puppets either.

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    Sarah, You are totally wrong


    You are totally wrong you are when you buy a foreign car you are you are giving jobs, profits and overall research to a foreign company.

    I suspect you work for Toyota PR.

    Itís not where the parts are made or where the car is made itís where the profits go. Not into this country. The dollar is getting weaker and weaker and soon we will have no industry.

    Buying foreign has nothing to do with the parts its high tech jobs.

    Do you want your son or daughter to be an assembly line worker for Toyota? No.

    You want your son or daughter to be an engineer or a scientist.

    If you buy a Toyota you will make sure that work is done in Japan.

    All Toyota models give much less back to the USA than American cars and in fact the new Camry uses 20% American Parts and the profits go back into Japan.

    The only thing green about Toyota is our money going over there.

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    I looked at JD power and

    I looked at JD power and most American cars now are better than Acura and other Foreign cars.

    So I am not sure where people get the idea Foreign is better and the fact they are making our way of life poor because of some rumor is kind of sick to be honest.

    I guess to buy Foreign is to be "the in crowd" at the expence of our way of life.

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    There are NO American

    There are NO American cars.

    GM cars are made overseas
    Ford cars are made overseas
    Chrysler cars are made overseas

    Many Honda are made in the USA
    as well as many Toyota, Volkswagon, ect.

    ALL, repeat ALL automotive companies are MULTI-NATIONAL.

    Why is it that the cast of "Deliverance" always wave the flag when they don't know what they are talking about?

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    I agree with people here

    I agree with people here that we need to buy American Cars.

    We need to support our own companies or our country will get weaker and the dollar will fall more.

    People dont even try to buy our own products and have negative attitudes towards American products.

    GM, ford, Chrysler produces cars overseas but profits go into the US economy to support future education and future US growth as a leader in GNP.

    I really think a lot of people here are brainwashed by foreign marketing stating that 20% of the car has USA parts but the equation is more complex and consumers need to really look at what there future life will be like for them in this country our way of life can be at stake when you purchase everything foreign.

    Many home grown products are much better!

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