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    Yo, G. I would love to see

    Yo, G.

    I would love to see what proof you can conjure up regarding this "flack about the contributions from Toyota..." that Consumer Reports has been receiving. I'm sure that your proof will be from a totally unbiased and reliable source.

    As for myself, I have found Consumer Reports to be extremely unbiased and accurate in their ratings and product evaluations. I have owned both American and Japanese vehicles. The American cars have been plagued by problems from the getgo, whereas each of my Japanese vehicles have been barely broken in at 100,000 miles.

    My current vehicle, a Honda Passport (rebadged Isuzu Rodeo) has over 185,000 miles on it. I will gladly provide you with a photo of the odometer if you wish. Although I'm sure that I can get at least another 100,000 miles out of it, I'm researching replacing it with a hybrid....a Honda or Toyota hybrid. I absolutely will not waste my hard-earned money on an American vehicle.

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    G, "We all know that


    "We all know that Consumer Reports is paid by Toyota"

    We do? We all know that Consumer Reports is biased in favor of Toyota products as you imply? Sorry, you are going to have to show some proof. And telling us to use the google to search the innerwebs is not sufficient. You made the accusation, it is your job to back it up.

    "I had one of the cars they rated poor and never had an issue with the car."

    I am sure that is very common. These are simply averages. Just as smoking will increase your risk of lung cancer, it is still possibly for a heavy smoked to live to 100+ while a non-smoker health nut dies at age 50. However, your singular experience is hardly evidence of their bias.

    "Recently they have been getting flack about the contributions from Toyota and other jap car companies so they have had to rate a few American cars well but it will go back to who gives them more money how well they rate a companies cars"

    So, how is that cultural sensitivity training going? "Jap" cars? Seriously? That is how you refer to vehicles made in Japan? Nice.

    "I have looked up better sources on the internet including
    Yahoo autos"

    Oh....you have? Do you care to share them with us?

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    I did a google search its

    I did a google search its all over the web.

    I too do not like consumer reports for the same reason they are paid by donations.

    Do a goole search G is right.



    OR now that toyota is not paying them

    So I totaly agree with G

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    I was on yahoo and they

    I was on yahoo and they rated the Camery so much lower than most other cars


    Looks like G was right again.

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    Looks like G figured out how

    Looks like G figured out how to post with multiple screen names.

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    I am surprised by all the

    I am surprised by all the anti toyota pro american rhetoric on your by the G fellow, Toyotas are being made in North America by Canadians and Americans. the cars are being bought by Canadians and Americans. we recently rented a prius in Florida and we pleasantly surprised by the mileage. we drove from St Petes to the Keys on $28 dollars worth of fuel. at $3 per gallon. amazing.
    one thing that we are wondering about, though..... what does the letter B to the right of the Drive symbol represent? we wondered if it meants battery? there wasnt any manual in the rental unit, so we never quite figured that out.
    we own a 2000 avalon and love the quality of our car. I am truthfuly disappointed in the latest models of the Avalon, they are more like american cars and I am keeping my beautiful car until it bites the dust. we were amazed at all the Toyota cars and trucks down in Florida. so Americans are choosing with their wallets and I will seriously consider buying a prius in the future. I will be investing in a North American company that hires workers right here in North America. now that sounds alright to me. how bout you?

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    Well I just looked it up a

    Well I just looked it up a lot of Toyota cars are made in the USA, Lexus is not, but 10% of the parts are US. Compared to an American F-150 truck which is over 90%

    So yes buying a Toyota is anti-American in the since that you are supporting less US jobs.

    Also profits do go overseas and you are supporting lower end jobs in the US.

    More and More research and development engineering and high end jobs are leaving the US.

    So if you support your son or daughter being an assembly line worker then buy a Toyota.

    Change needs to happen!


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    The "B" position on the

    The "B" position on the gearshift stands for engine Braking.

    The engine's valve timing is changed so that the engine acts as an air compressor, and absorbs energy from the wheels, and disipates it thru the exhaust system as compressed air.

    Similar to a truck's "Jake" brakes, but without all the noise.

    Brake mode DOES NOT store energy in the battery by regenetive braking, as normally happens.

    the B mode allows you to descend a long hill without overheating the brakes. The battery's regenitive braking has a limited abliity to absorb energy. After the battery is fully recharged, the car can only be slowed on long hills by the mechanical brakes, or by engine compression braking.

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    geisemann - is that German

    geisemann - is that German descent? How long ago diod your parents, grandparents, great or great great grandparents emmigrate from Germany? - Just curious.

    Sorry, but the Prius is an excellent vehicle. It is well designed, well engineered and well built. It gets great mileage, the owners love ther Priuses - in fact it has the highest owner satisfaction of any vehicle. Any - better than even Chevy or Ford pickups. It is true is is a PR event because it is a great car it deserves great PR.
    The Prius can be bought for $24,000 the new hybrid trucks GM makes cost $50,000. The GM trucks are a fine technology. So who made the better marketing decision? Toyota making a $14,000 midsize car a hybrid for 24,000 that gets 45 MPG or GM making a $35,000 truck a hybrid for 50,000 that gets 22MPG? I see a lot of Priuses all over the place.

    But Geisemann I digress - you are upset because Americans are realizing that the Japanese car companies design and make vastly superior and more reliable vehicles than American car companies. Americans are buying these better vehicles in this world economy. You want us to believe that because you say you've experienced poor quality in foreign cars that we'll believe you.

    I just bought a used Toyota Camry with 90000 miles on it. I've driven it 10000 miles so far. It is the best car I've ever owned. I have bought brand new and used American cars before. Sorry but the Camry's a better car.
    Ford makes some good cars, Chevy makes some good cars, but once people own and compare cars they are capable of deciding for themselves. You can rant all you want on this forum, but people have enough of their own experiences and can decide for themselves - get over it.

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    i don't have any first hand

    i don't have any first hand experience with a Prius in the USA but my nephew drives one in NY, and hasn't complained about it yet.

    and yes i have heard stories about the higher end jobs migrating beyond the US, making it harder for Americans to move up from assembly work.

    one thing i do support Toyota for is their new 'green campaign'... its good they're creatively embracing promotion for helping the environment in ways other than breaking the bank for a Prius.


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