The government should be supporting our industries. I love the fact that the government is helping us.

People are so anti American when there American car had a burnt out light bulb they think its shit. But when a Foreign car owner replaces there entire transmission they still think there car is total quality. Itís all fad and consumer stupidity.

Itís about time

I am the only person on my street with a Ford and everyone else has Honda comes over and says when are you getting a Honda.

I am like OH hell no. My ford explorer has 220k on it and runs perfectly where the neighbors Honda had two transmissions in 150k.

OR tired of Consumer Distorts getting donations from Toyota

I told the neighbor so your buying Japanese and making there country richer for what reason? And he works for congress.

I hate Toyota lobbyists to in DC they are totally corrupt. Toyota spends 10 times what GM does in Washington to keep the laws on there side. IF it was a fair world we could sell cars in Japan.