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I have had much better luck with American cars in respect with them lasting longer and being safer and spending a lot less for body repairs.

I recently was in an auto accident with my ford explorer and it hit a Toyota camery.

The Toyota camery crumbled and was totaled and my ford didnít have really too much other than a scratch.

If you buy a Toyota remember one thing itís a disposable car. If you get in any type of accident small or large the car will be totaled.

I rented a Prius recently and the metal was so cheap on it I could push the hood down with my hand.

I am sorry the Prius is very anti-American. It makes me sick to see our country by so many foreign products.

Prius people from what I have seen leave there lights on in there homes and donít even by compact fluorescents.

You would be much better off keeping your old SAFE car. Investing in solar power, wind power and other taking public transportation and working on your leaks in your house to safe your heating bill.

A CA Exec recently was pulled over going 100MPH in his prius and this is terrible, the car does not save you a cent at this speed on top of this if you wreck you will be dead in a second.

My money will go towards American owned companies that make efficient vehicles.

My life is important and if I am dead the extra air quality wonít help me 6 feet under.

From my research Toyota customers are extremely upset with the Lexus SUV hybrid. Toyota lied about the fuel mileage.

They also lied about the Prius.

Basically I really feel the Prius is a PR stunt and people were lied too. They large trucks Toyota sells are in the same showrooms that guzzle gas and they are unsafe as well

The new Ford Trucks are all 5 stars the Toyota could not even get 4 and on top of that JD power just rated

Buick better than Lexus and Lexus is Toyotas best brand.

Ford also beat Toyota in quality

So again you are buying foreign because itís foreign and itís really anti-American.

Look at the JD ratings they will show you that American cars are really better!

Look at quality ratings overall for the past 5-10 years and I think you will see a pattern. Namely, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, etc on top. Yes, the landscape is evening out over time, but domestic automakers still have a ways to go to catch Japanese brands on a consistent basis.

As for Toyota and other Japanese autos being unsafe disposal cars, this is simply laughable. Go look at the safety ratings and tell me what you find. If you are going to make these ridiculous assertions then you need to back them up with real data....not your hood push-down test (for the record, if you think the material in that hood is what keeps you safe, then I understand why you have so little faith in Japanese safety....but what do you think of Saturn's plastic sidepanels?).

For the record, I want to buy an American vehicle, but there is very little available that I am interested in. I don't want a 5000lb, 15mpg gas guzzling behemoth. The Ford Edge is interesting, but I want better gas mileage. Saturn Outlook is interesting, but way too big and needs to get MUCH better gas mileage to be seriously considered. The Saturn Vue is also interesting, but you get very little interior space for that size vehicle. FEH is a little too truck like for my needs, but is definitely a realistic option.

geise, I am curious, should Japanese consumers buy American cars? If so....why? What about Europeans....should they buy American cars? Or should Japanese consumers buy only Japanese cars, American consumers buy only American cars, Europeans buy only Europeans cars, etc?