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    A couple of times when this

    A couple of times when this has happened I pushed the pedal almost to the metal and the power kicked in.Network Blog

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    I have a similar problem

    I have a similar problem created by the Servco Hawaii dealerfor Prius.
    The steering failed while I pulled out from a parking spot in My 2006 with 17k.

    The dealer, Makiki Toyota fixed the steering by replacing the rack and pinion for $2,000. It took 3 and 1/2 week to repair the steering.

    Was told that the car now has a tracktion problem and they don't know how much it will cost to fix the car. Iotws, they wanted a blank check.

    I had the car removed from their premises after paying for the rack and pinion.

    When I got the car under my control ...
    The air bag light is on and the AC is no longer controlled from the wheel.

    The car goes into drive up to 10mph before traction dis-engages and the engine races. The car is useless. Very disappointed in Toyota.

    In Hawaii, customers are not allowed to communicate directly with the mechanic that works on your car.

    Toyota has lost a loyal customer and destroyed their reputation as far as we are concerned. We currently are putting the situation in the hands of Toyota customer service and are hoping for the best.

    Thanks foe listening and having a great website.

    Richard Johnson

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    I believe that your shift

    I believe that your shift lever is the only problem for transmission slippage. When you shift into D or R it should snap back to home position. If it doesn't because of wear or a broken device that doesn't forcibly put it into the home position you will have all kinds of erratic problems. It is a lot cheaper to just replace the shifter mechanism. However repair shops don't want cheaper. They prefer doing things that cost you big bucks besides the shifter replacement. An many of these things are not needed because the part they replaced is not defective.

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    I bought a used 2002 Prius

    I bought a used 2002 Prius in 2009 with 125,000 miles
    Last summer the "check engine" light went on for a week or so and then turned off by itself. In November the light was getting on and off and my mechanics said it was the catalytic.
    I took it to the dealer in December for a "SCC B0G Steering Pinion Shaft Nuts" replacement under the "W 75TOZ special SVC Campaign" and asked them to check that light.
    They said the catalytic needed to be replaced, but that was not really a priority, if I could not afford that at the time.
    A couple of weeks ago I got the triangular warning light.
    I went back to the dealer, and they said that I have been driving with a bad catalytic for too long (yeap!) and then, they told me they got too many codes, asking to replace the transaxel, replace the catalytic, replace the gas tank assembly. Total estimate: around $8,000, so THEIR RECOMMENDATION was:
    "you better get a new vehicle"
    GREAT!!! I thought.
    Great advertisement, coming from the makers of my Prius!!!
    I took it then to a hybrid's mechanic who replaced the air pump to the power inverter, claiming it caused overheating, and possible damage to other parts of the engine. He also insisted in replacing the cells of the battery, upgrading it to the second generation, claiming he found "a power leak" that could be dangerous, even causing electrocution. Something new, I thought, the dealer diagnosed "everything" going wrong, "except" the battery.
    After replacing the air pump, he said the inverter was now working fine, but the transmission needed replacement.
    My car slipped to Parked for the first time last saturday, while I was driving home after the repair that did not solve any of my car problems.
    I still hear a loud buzzing sound coming from under the car, the vehicle revs when in low, and lacks acceleration.
    I have called many places claiming to understand hybrids, and everybody tells me a different story.
    Would I need a new transmission? Some said these are symptoms of the battery only.
    I am reading about the transmission oil. Should I try that first???

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    same thing happened to my

    same thing happened to my 2008 prius yesterday. I stopped at my mailbox, put the car in park and when i attempted to put it back in drive it kept going back to neutral the minute i stepped on the gas. I held the knob down until i got the car in the driveway. When I started the car this morning it seemed to work fine again.

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    My story is the same. 2001

    My story is the same. 2001 Prius new battery ($ 3200) 2 years ago at 110,000 miles.

    New brakes 2 months ago and now at 155,000 miles it needs a Transaxel ($8,600 ).

    No warning lights ,just a something like loud road noise.

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    The sad part of the Prius

    The sad part of the Prius problems is that it is not so much the car as it is the service techs, which tend to be part-replacement happy. Many very strange problems with the Prius can be traced to a soft or aging 12 volt battery. This is the source of power for all the logic circuits in the car. A sudden dip in voltage on this battery can glitch out any one of a number of computer controls, often not setting an error code in the process. The "Transmission" in the car is a simple one stage planetary gear. The engine feeds the cluster, MG1 feeds the sun gear, and MG2 along with the wheels are tied to the ring gear. All traction ratios are set by the push and drag of MG1 and MG2 (the motor/generators.) A lot of seemingly mechanical problems can actually be software related, and or glitched control systems. Be wary of anyone that wants to replace the "transmission." Unless you have a damaged MG1 or MG2, (usually sets a high voltage leak code) chances are the problem is elsewhere. Not impossible, but try to get a second opinion when you hear it.

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    One quick note about

    One quick note about slippage issues: Between the engine and the "transmission" is a torque damper. It functions like a clutch but is never disengaged. It is designed to slip if the torque on the ICE shaft exceeds a certain level. Much like a conventional clutch, the surface can be worn down causing it to slip at much lower torque levels. Although replacing it does require the engine to be dropped and the "transmission" to be separated, the part itself (Flywheel, disk, and pressure plate) are not complicated or expensive. I could certainly see where this part may wear if the car spends a lot of time on driving on inclines.

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    Can anyone who has spent

    Can anyone who has spent $5250 replacing their Prius transmission help me decide whether it's worth it to do this? My 2005 Prius has nearly 93,000 miles on it. Two years ago, I replaced the 12 volt battery. The red triangular ! icon lit up on my dashboard two days ago, so I took the car into the dealer. Today they said that the transmission engine was overheating to 320 degrees. They believe that somewhere coolant is leaking into the transmission because of a crack. This would cause the part to overheat. Therefore they believe the only way to fix this is to replace the entire transmission.

    For me, this sum is enormous. Has anyone spent this kind of money only to have something else very expensive break down soon after on their 2005 Prius?

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    The transaxle just went

    The transaxle just went completely out on my 2005 Prius. I purchased the car new; it has less than 93,000 miles on it and isn't seven years old. I live in Wyoming, so a few times a month, my car has to climb from about 5200 to 7200 ft. From this discussion, it looks like that climbing hills kills the Prius' "transmission" sooner rather than later. I never had this problem with my Honda Civic. Cost to replace the transaxle? $4800. Conclusion? If you live in a mountainous region, do NOT buy a Prius.

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