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    I have a 2008 Prius that is

    I have a 2008 Prius that is having the slipping problem mentioned above. It does not slip out of gear like of the other posts, but if the car is put under a load, the engine races and the power is NOT delivered to the drive train (feels like a slipping clutch/transmission). Has anyone found the solution to this problem? The dealer (like the posts above) says that there are no errors being picked up by the computer, therefore, there isn't a problem with the car. GRRRRR Please help!

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    I left my new car with the

    I left my new car with the service department for one week. The the first 3 days I had it it slipped into neutral and they told me there was nothing wrong with it. They contacted Toyota who told them to run a different computer check and this showed that it happened. I asked them to check 2 different things and they didn't bother.They decided I was the problem -that I was accidentally hitting the parking button as I was driving.( Each time it happened my hands were on the wheel.) It is 6 days since I picked up my car and it hasn't happen since until today. I was at a light ready to turn left. As I let up on the brake the car rolled backwards. I immediately gave it gas and it continued to roll backwards.I had to hit the brake and then put it into drive. I am a nervous wreak driving this car.This car is 16 days old and it has "slipped" into neutral 6 times!Help!

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    Cool! I love your site. Very

    Cool! I love your site. Very well done. Thanks for organizing everything to where I can find it easier. Keep up the good work! I love it! Regards Robert Michael Sofa

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    At 78K miles my 2006 Prius

    At 78K miles my 2006 Prius transmission is being replaced by a Toyota dealer for $5,300. He and the warranty booklet indicate the Xmission is part of the power train, which warranty ended at 60K miles. The booklet defines the (guaranteed to 100K miles) hybrid system as having only 4 parts, not including the Xmission. How can I convince them that your experience is the correct one ? Name of your dealer would be a very helpful part of your response, for which I thank you in advance. We are old and can't afford this $5,300. Logically the hybrid Xmission is part of the hybrid system, but legally ?

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    In my comment/inquiry a few

    In my comment/inquiry a few minutes ago "your experience" referred to the postings of TAS, whose $5000+ transmission replacement was apparently covered by Toyota, whereas I'm being told that mine is not - so far.

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    Hi, You sound like you know

    You sound like you know a great deal about the Prius.
    What you described above just happened to me.
    And now the deal says I need to pay $5500 for a new transmission?
    My prius is 2005. Is this possible?
    thank you for any advice.

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    I have pruis 2007 I have

    I have pruis 2007 I have same problem the gear slips to neutral now ihave to hold to drive check if there is some thing under the knob. I found small wire and ittook out now is ok idon,t know if it will came backA

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    Thanks to the posts here, I

    Thanks to the posts here, I will turn my 2010 Prius in when the lease is up. What a POS transmission.

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    All cars have transmissions

    All cars have transmissions including the Prius. It is true the transmission in a Prius is completely different than the regular car. One thing all car owners should be careful of is to check your transmission oil after it is serviced at your local gas station or repair shop. I had a Yaris that was serviced at my local gas station. After a month or two I noticed the sound from the engine was noisier than before and kept getting noisier as the months pasted by. When I checked my transmission dip stick there was almost no transmission oil. Putting the transmission oil back in the transmission it was quiet, but never the same as it was before my visit to the gas station . I knew that transmission oil has a distinctive red color. If it leaked out accidentally I would know about it. After I replaced the transmission oil there wasn't any leak. When I purchased my 2011 Prius the first thing I did was to check the transmission oil. To my surprise there wasn't any dip stick to check the level of the transmission oil! The reason for no dip stick was the transmission is sealed because the automobile manufactures became aware the dishonest repair shops were removing the oil and later would charge you for a new transmission. If the car had less than 60,000 miles the automobile manufacturers had to pay for it.

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    Any manufacturer of vehicles

    Any manufacturer of vehicles that goes to the extreme in quality repairs would beat the pants off all of the vehicle makers. If the public found out about the excellent workmanship and didn't have to go back time and time again that manufacturer would lead the world in selling their new cars. The problem with the current repair people is they are not qualified to do a good job. Vehicles of today are so technologically advanced it would take a person with an IQ of 160 to do a competent repair job. How to solve this problem of proper repair without installing parts that are not defective should be the major goal confronting an intelligent vehicle maker.

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