I have a 2008 Pruis and the car has slipped into neutral at least 5 times in the course of 2 years. The first time this happened I was at a drive up window and place the car in park. When I attempted to drive away, the car would only go into neutral and reverse, I had to drive the car home manually holding the shift in drive. The next time I realised I could drive in low gear, but could not place the car in park or drive. I tried turning the car off, locking it , leaving it, and then restarting, but the car would still not stay in drive.

Last weekend I was at the Orlando Airport, drove up to the pay window, and had to put my car in park to pay, and it happened again. It took 20 minutes to finally get the car to go into park. Once it went into park I knew it would stay in drive.

I am heading to the Toyota Service place this week. They say they never heard of a car slipping into neutral and staying that way, but it's happened to me.