Hi guys,

I recently got my Altima Hybrid. I am in love with the looks and the EV mode performance. The only hassle or rather the irritation I have is when the gas mode kicks in when the car is idling even after the car engine has warmed up. You can hear a very distinct low frequency flutter from the gas engine probably because of the low rpms. The gas mode kicks in when the battery is almost empty. This happens when you run the AC while the car is idling for a long time in EV mode to discharge the battery.

I had a toyota corolla before. This same problem (low rpms issue) appeared after like 15-20K miles on the car. A new car having this problem is putting questions in my head. If the rpms on a non-hybrid car are over 1000 rpms you dont hear it. But when it goes below 1000 rpms then you hear it.

Does anyone have this problem in their NAH and is this in anyway going to affect the car in the long run?

I took the car to the dealership and the tech gave me a reason that the sound was coming from the ac generator. I thought it was a bunch of garbage. I am an EE i know for sure that AC generators make a hum and not a flutter. The flutter I think is caused by the low rpms.