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    Service Soon Wrench

    I just ahd my 2006 Mariner in the shop for a Tire Sensor Fault, it took three sensors and an additional housing or something like that to finally fix it. Well it is fixed and they also did a front end alignment which is good. However, about 3 months ago the Service Soon wrench came on, then went off the next time i started the car. I took it in and they said there were no codes thrown and everything looked good.

    Now, it went off three times since i got it back. It goes on when i start the car then when i do a restart it goes off the next time i start. So it doesnt happen all the time.

    I am reluctant to take it back in because it it is not always on. Has anyone had this happen?

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    Do you have a code reader that plugs into the OBD port?

    -IF you do, then plug this in and see if you get a code when service soon wrench light occurs.

    -If you don't have a code reader, go to Autozone (it is free!) and they will hook up a code reader to your vehicle and see what the code is. Please go to Autozone when your service soon wrench light exists--do not turn off the vehicle until the Autozone employee can hook the code reader up.

    The Scangauge II unit (do you have one?) also has a code reader but some folks do not feel it works as well as it does for it's other functions.

    I hope this helps.

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    I didnt know about the AutoZone check. I will do that, thanks again!

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    wrench light

    We had the same problem, took it to AutoZone for checking. The problem number is not in any book or web site. We then took it to Ford dealer who charges for reading the codes. It was the throttle position sensor which cost $500 to replace. The service dept said it was caused by not using the Ford air filter (we used K&N) so they would not pay for the repair (60K mileage). we contacted K&N who is investigating and said they will pay for repairs if the problem is theirs. I guess from now on we'l only use Ford filters.

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