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    Squeak in FEH '08 - Any ideas?

    I just bought a 2008 FEH. Love this hybrid. I'm getting ~32mph with lots of highway driving.

    But two days ago, the car developed a loud squeak that seems to disappear at speeds >25 mph.

    Sound is cyclical (comes in and out at regular interval). So at say 15 mph, it squeaks for a second then no sound for a second then squeak. Squeaking intervals shorten and accelerate as car picks up speak, then it seems to disappear at ~25 mph.

    Squeak seems to come from under the middle or back of middle of vehicle. It doesn't seem to come from up front in the engine. Doesn't sound like a loose belt of any kind.

    Any ideas?

    Anyone else run into this noise? Car has 800 miles, so it's very disturbing.

    I'm trying to make it to service center later this week.


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    My 08 did the same thing. It was the emergency brakes. I just reset emergency brake and then released and went away. Happened twice since Sept.

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    How do I reset? I don't see anything in owner's manual. thx.

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    What I meant was apply emergency brake and then release. I had a squeel at low speeds thought it was a rear bearing, but was just EB rubbing inside rear rotor. I parked and set EB fully and then released and squeel went away.

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