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    we are just ramping up a

    we are just ramping up a solar roof in series production for a hybrid sports car, check out our home page! In average, the OEM expects that you can drive approx. 200 miles per year from the power supplied by the solar roof! Not too bad ...

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    That's what gets me about

    That's what gets me about the green movement. It sounds great until you try to do something, and then out rolls the caveats. I tried putting solar panels on my roof and the company selling the solar panels told me to "wait a year, and maybe they will be more efficient". I mean come on. We don't give a damn about pushing air through the car cabin. WE WANT TO TURN THE WEELS TO MAKE THE CAR MOVE! Don't over-sell this stuff until you can back up the words. The world awaits anxiously, me included.

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