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Thread: My 2 cents

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    My 2 cents

    I just found this site, and thought that I would share my thoughts on my 06 Escape Hybrid. It is a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid AWD, and has leather, upgraded sound system and side curtain airbags, and got it in May 2006.

    Overall I really like this car. As far a options go (on the 2006 model, the 2008 model has a bit more to offer) the options for the price paid was not great compared to my other vehicle, the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander which has things like 7" Navi w/ hard drive system for storing music, Sunroof, heated seats, Xenon Headlights, bluetooth, etc for 3 grand less. The interior is nice, it is roomy and comfortable. It is a pleasure to drive. The electric steering is responsive and easy, and the brakes are strong, although I am worried about issues I've heard about with the brakes failing. And a complaint I have is the stereo, which I think sounds terrible, and it is the upgraded system, I can't imagine what the standard one sounds like, the standard 4 speaker system in my old Taurus sounded better.

    I have had to take it to the dealer about 4 times to fix an annoying squeak on the right rear side, but they eventually did, and had to have the head unit replaced as it would not play/insert/eject CD's.

    But, I think that the place where this car stands out most, is safety. When I am driving it, I feel completly safe. The brakes work really well, I have the side curtain airbags for a feeling of added security. And the Auto 4WD system is amazing, and I am not kidding. I have never driven a car/truck/suv that felt this stable in snow and icy conditions, or driving on sand, it barley feels different than pavement.

    Overall the Esacpe Hybrid is a wonderful small SUV and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a safe, gas friendly (although I average about 25mpg driving normally, 26.5 if driving lightly) SUV with plenty of space for hauling.

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    Thanks for the review. I have a 2006 Mariner Hybrid and feel the same way. Winter is coming and it will be the first test of the 4WD, so i am happy to hear the Escape does well.

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