I have a green 2000 Insight that we've put 50,000 miles on in the last 2 years, and we've loved it--until a week ago! I am wondering if my experience is peculiar, or if others are also having undesirable results after the 06-026 and 06-057 "updates" are performed on their Insights. The new IMA battery control modules changed my car in disappointing ways so that the IMA battery could be kept cooler, therefore lasting through 150,000 miles or 10 years...the second part of the "update". Among other symptoms, I am experiencing an 8-9% drop in gas mileage, less boost from IMA when IMA is less than 40%, an rpm surge just before coming to a stop and other part-time problems. American Honda rep initally told me I could put the original BCM back in the car and still have the extended warantee, then called back to tell me I couldn't. I will assume that if no one else is having these problems, I got faulty replacement BCMs, in which case Honda should try others. Please respond! Thank you!