hello everyone,

As I was driving home the other day my IMA light came on and I took it into my local Honda Dealership and of course they say the battery pack needs to be replaced at a cost of 4500.00. In reading through some of the messages here I've gathered that there are sometimes other causes that are more economical fixes. The battery gauge still shows a 3/4 charge, though it doesn't charge or draw down when driving or when it goes into autostop. I am a little leery of the dealership as they have a less than stellar reputation for honesty and correctly diagnosing and repairing has been an issue with several people I know including family. I have already contacted Honda about a good will replacement, and am considering taking it to another dealership about an hour or so away.

I guess I am wondering if anyone out there has had to go through the battery replacement, what other causes it COULD be, and if Honda stood by their vehicles to last for more than 5 years. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Erik