I have an 03 hybrid. When I turn off the car the past few days it doesn't appear to be charging. Normally when I shut it off I'll hear what appears to be the battery charging for a few minutes. That has stopped.

However, the battery is full of charge and my headlights and all other accessories work fine. However, the past few days occasionally when I turn the key nothing happens.

It will either be complete silence or a series of clicks. Then it does ultimately start and run fine and the battery appears to charge as normal. Running in economy mode the engine will shut off and resume as expected when I press the gas pedal.

Reading the users manual I'm led to believe it might be a fuse; but, that fuse panel in the interior requires a contortionist to navigate. I'm a 225 lb guy and I can't gain visual access to troubleshoot those fuses.

But, I'm at a loss. The local honda house wants $100 just to look at it which I think is extortion if it is a fuse.

Any ideas...