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    Best replacement tires for '06 HCH?

    It's time to replace the OEM tires on my '06 HCH. I'm at 38K miles, still a little tread left but road noise has increased substantially and it was loud to begin with. Mileage has been good, have averaged about 47-48 mpg since new.

    Any recommendations for specific tire make/model that would maintain gas mileage and minimize road noise? I deal with a little snow in the winter so a strictly summer tire is out...

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Best tires

    I did a SILLY amount of research on tires when I changed tires for my HCH1 and then again when I changed them for my HCH2. Both times, I ended up going the same route--Firestone Affinity LH30's. Make sure you get the LH30's, the regular Affinity doesn't cut it.

    Reasons: Light weight--mileage. Hard rubber--durability and winter traction (I live in Wisconsin). Warranty--60K (Don't be surprised if they don't make it all the way to 60, but mine got very close). Budget--moderate cost and Firestone's periodic 4 for 3 deal. Road noise--quiet and smooth.

    Mileage was stellar. Before I got the tires, I had upgraded to heavier rims and it cost me a few MPG's. When I put the LH30's on my mileage was better than the orginals, even with the heavier rims still on the car. With the larger rims and these tires, it feels like an Accord on the highway

    I heard a rumor Firestone was discontinuing this tire so you may want to hustle up and get them. Good luck!

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    I put Micheline primacy mxv4

    I put Micheline primacy mxv4 on my 07 hch, milage went from 50+ to 43 or less. do not go that route!

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