We are enjoying our new Camry Hybrid but found a quirk regarding the 12v battery.

After returning from a 2-week vacation where we left the Camry in the garage, we found it completely dead to the world in trying to start the car.

I tested the 12v battery with a volt meter and discovered it had completed discharged. We did not leave any lights or other accessories on by mistake.

Once getting the car started by jumping it to another 12v battery, we noticed that the hybrid battery was up where we left it before leaving on the trip.

When I called the Toyota dealership about this phenomenon, the service manager said "oh yes, you need to disconnect the 12v battery if you leave the car for four or more days." Of course it would have been nice to have been told that or atleast having Toyota indicate this in the owners manual before having us experience it.

Have others found this 12v battery behavior as well?