Our '06 HH has stalled in traffic four times in the 16,000 miles we have driven with it. When it stalls, there is no power to the wheels and all the warning lights and bells go on. We have to stop the vehicle, put it in park, shut off the ignition and re-start the engine. After this restart, the vehicle drives normally once again. It has stalled after driving for over an hour on the highway when encountering stop and go traffic at 5 - 10 MHP. After 10 - 15 minutes of stop and go, it has stalled. Since it has stalled only while in heavy traffic, this re-start proceedure gets very exciting!

Our Toyota dealer has been very helpful in replacing (under warranty) several sensors in the hybrid synergy system. The computer error codes have not pinpointed the cause of this system failure yet.

Anyone having experience with this stalling problem, we would appreciate having a post about how you have resolved it. Thanx!