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    Real difference between HCH I and HCH II?

    Would someone please explain the changes that took place between the 05 and 06 model years of the HCH, other than the obvious body look? Did they resolve the CVT problems? What in your opinion is better about each of the generations? I'm looking at used cars and there is a very large price difference between the 05 and 06 even with cars with comparable mileage and I'm wondering if it's justified.

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    There are way too many differences to mention between the two generations. To be thorough, the complete list would fill a complete specifications page. In general the differences between the two generations can be summarized as follows:
    • Gas engine Power-plant has 3 modes vs 2 in the HCH-I
    • Gas engine is more powerful yet offers better fuel economy
    • Improved IMA gen 4 on the HCH-II. (HCH-I => IMA Gen 2)
    • Regenerative system is more efficient
    • Larger battery & more powerful motor.
    • Emissions (now rated at AT-PZEV or Tier2/Bin2)
    • Safety (ACE body structure, full airbag coverage, active head restraints )
    • Slightly larger trunk
    • Better and more reliable CVT
    • Drive-by-wire technology
    • Better coefficient of drag.



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