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    I am having same problem as

    I am having same problem as wisemax on my 4 month old civic 2007 executive. When using automatic window shut on driver side, the window goes up almost to top then 'bumps' and moves back down to half position. I can still shut the window by using the manual button stepwise, not in one go.

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    I am having the same problem

    I am having the same problem as wisemax and stillet on my 2006 HCH with just under 36,000 miles. It is intermittent, so of course when I took it to the dealer, they said they couldn't replicate the problem. I started making a note of every time it happens and seems to be about 20 times/month.

    Has anybody had this problem actually verified and fixed by a dealer???

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    Just took mine in this

    Just took mine in this morning to get fixed, been happening once or twice a month until January 08, started happening every day when it got colder. Used the bit at a time method and usually got it all the way up but did have to pull over and help it a couple of times.

    We'll see what they find. They said the same thing, "If we can't replicate it, we won't be able to fix it." Like the car a lot ... except this one problem.

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    forgot to mention 2007 HCH

    forgot to mention 2007 HCH with 18k miles ...

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    Well, it replicated, they

    Well, it replicated, they replaced the driver's side track guide and the regulator (scissors lifting device inside the door). The window moves much quicker now and doesn't bind or keystone. Hope it lasts more than another 18,000 miles !

    Peace & Good Luck to all

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    2007 HCH w run channel

    2007 HCH w run channel replacement. And master reset solved the problem! hopefully.

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    No offense Rockymtn, but I

    No offense Rockymtn, but I can't understand what you're saying. Your first sentence in particular has me stumped

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    Although this is not a

    Although this is not a Hybrid, but a 07 Civic, the issue seems relevant for that year. My riders power window just suddenly stopped working. Is there a seperate fuse for each window? The window motor could fail, but I doubt it. Usually 12V motor problems give many warning signs. This just suddenly stopped. Could it be binded in track? Does anyone have a link to the wiring diagram for the 07 Honda?? I believe the hybrid and Civic have the same exterior wiring.....before I pull the inside door panel and power check circuit, motor, switch, etc. I would greatly appreciate hearing from any and all!!!
    Thanks, Rich

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    2007 HCH: drives side

    2007 HCH: drives side regulator replaced under warranty early. Failed again - this time no help from dealer and the problem articulated by @WiseMax, above has emerged.

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