Houston Hybrid & Hypermilers Club (aka HC)

Basic discussions about hybrids and techniques to maximize fuel efficiency (both hybrid and non-hybrid).

Sat, Sep 8th @ Noon
La Salsa Restaurant, Cypress Texas (Houston Cy-Fair)
15202 Mason Rd (Northwest Houston Metro Area)

There is a banquet room as you walk in to the left. I'll get some fliers up so you know your in the right place.

La Salsa is just inside the Fairfield subdivision. Mason road is after Mueschke if on 290 westbound and after Bauer if on 290 eastbound.

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-Honda Insight MIMA install walk through.
-Hypermiling (Eco-Driving) tips and tricks.
-ScanGaugeII test runs and driving clinics.
-General Hybrid Q&A.

-2007 Toyota Prius (with EV mod and Block Heater mod)
-2000 Honda Insight (with MIMA mod)
-2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

There are a few other places to eat if you want some other food.

Last month's meeting got too hot to hold outdoors, so we've moved to a local restaurant. We are still working on a centralized location, so please let me know if you know of some good options for October.

There is some overlapping agenda from last month, and we will try to get through a fairer portion of it this go round.

I'll have my ScanGauge (fuel consumption display) so we can hook it up to your car to see real-time fuel usage. It works on most cars made after 1995. One thing that helps is knowing your engine size (displacement). This is usually represented in liters, cubic centimeters or cubic inches. An example would be a Mustang 5.0L V8.

Email or PM me and I'll pass along my cell number if you need it.

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Best commute MPG 08/08 = 14mi @ 83.0 MPG (sg2)
Best (non-trivial) tank MPG 06/15 = 662mi @ 64.7 MPG (calc)
MPG Centurion - Hybridfest 2007 - Prius II - 26mi @ 106 MPG (sg2)
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