Next year I plan on flushing the brake fluid on 2006 HiHy, a practice I have performed religiously every two years on all my other vehicles. Its amazing how dark the fluid gets after two years of absorbing moisture. After flushing the fluid in may 2003 Sonoma this year the brake pedal actual felt firmer (the two year old fluid had a softer pedal feel).

Anyways, considering the HiHy (and the Prius and CmHy) has a "non-traditional" hydraulic braking system, I was wonder if anyone can see any problems with using the below flushing procedure.

1) Remove old fluid out of brake fluid reservior (using a large syringe)
2) Top up the reservior with new brake fluid
3) Proceed to bleed brakes using a vacuum bleeder starting at the furthest brake (likely left rear on the HiHy) until fluid runs clear
4) top up reservior as required

My concern is potentially trigger a braking system code, but I believe the above method should not disturb anything if the vehicle is turned off when performing the flush.

Also, as a back up method, does anyone know if the "traditional" bleeding method (i.e. pumping the brakes) can be performed? I would think even this method could be performed without disturbing anything (again if the vehicle is turned OFF).