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    Ooops! Dead Prius

    Normally I'm a very satisfied Prius owner. It's a silver '04 with
    package group 6 and at 41,000 miles hasn't even needed a brake job.
    So, I was a bit surprised the other day while driving home from a
    client's office when the Master Alarm went off and my battery level
    meter started taking a (rapid!) nosedive. Drove it straight to the
    dealership where wifey was nice enough to pick me up. The culprit?

    My hybrid battery pack died.

    Uggh. Rats. Shoot. I can just hear the snickers from all those
    people that tried to warn me. Warranty covered it (jeeze, what
    happens after 41,000 MORE miles?) but these things do die.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

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    What last forever?

    Every car I have owned has eventually had something go bad after many, many years. Two Camry's with Engine Block Cracks ended their life after about 10 years. Yep, batteries do not last forever, neither do engines, or transmissions, or whatever......but I sure cannot complain when Toyota has a warranty for the battery that is much longer than the engine. You have to admit that complete replacement for free cannot really be a drawback. I have had my Prius 2001 battery replaced under warranty and thought that this is better than a good deal. Long live the Prius.

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