I've ordered a 08 TCH and await delivery 9-4-07. I saw a lady with an 07 TCH and asked her how she liked it mileage expected/realized etc....

She said she loved her car but was sad she got a dent on the bumper (rear drivers corner) so soon. She mentioned she saw a TCH with a dent in the same place... I laughed it off as coincidence.

Reading reviews (consumer not professional) forbes, edmunds or yahoo ..cant remember which. I saw one complaining about the "blind spot" and how toyota should fix it on new models.

I'm not an alarmist, just wondering if the car has an unusually large (all cars have some vision blockage) blind spot or if it's because of the car design ( the back bumper does stick out a bit) or if this is all just people getting used to a new car??