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    Running the air conditioner off battery power

    This is going to seem pretty silly, but during particularly rough (and thus low sleep) weeks, I like to take a nap in my car during lunch. It's no secret that power naps can make you feel a lot more energetic, and help stave off that afternoon slump. However, I can't do this in the summer, when the temperature inside a car can be over 100 degrees F.

    One advantage I see with HCH II (I do not own one yet) is that since the air conditioner can be run off batteries, I may be able to take a heat-free nap without running the gasoline engine. Is this possible, or will you still have to start the engine? If you can run the A/C without starting the engine, how long can it go before shutting off?

    This is hardly a critical question, and I've already decided I want the car. Any insight is nonetheless appreciated!

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    Yes, the HCH-II can run the AC system entirely off the hybrid battery pack.

    However, the battery pack will not be able to sustain that operation for very long since the drain is substantial. The electric AC operation is meant to be used only when the vehicle is in transit or briefly stopped by virtue of an "auto-stop" condition. This is because by itself, it is not very effective at actually cooling the car given its capacity and drain on the battery pack. Instead, it works best to keep the set temperature or perform very small adjustments in temperature. Large swings in temperature require that the belt driven compressor be active (exclusively or in tandem with the electric scroll compressor).

    Prolonged operation of the AC on electric may adversely affect the lifespan of the traction battery since it may force a wider discharge cycle. The greater the number of full discharge cycles the shorter the life of the battery.



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