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    Of course she's annoyed when the ICE kicks in. She and most people really want an EV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ex-EV1 driver View Post
    Of course she's annoyed when the ICE kicks in. She and most people really want an EV.
    lol, again, were you in "who killed the electric car?"

    but yeah, an EV would be fantabulous. i think something like the volt is really promising (if it had more EV range)

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    Yes, there are a few glimpses of me in WKtEK but I'm not a key person.

    The rhetoric from GM on the Volt is all too similiar to the rhetoric for the EV1. I'll believe it (and buy it) when I actually see it on a dealer lot.

    I do, however, believe that a PHEV that gets over 30 miles of EV range at freeway speeds would be useful though. I think the biggest problem will be that the ICE will atrophy from lack of use since the owners will plug in whenever possible. I predict that GM will have the computer run the ICE when it isn't necessary for propulsion, just to keep it healthy.

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    I was going to suggest for you to take it back to the dealer, but so many people have beat me to it. Haha. Anyway, hope you enjoy your ride!

    replace 'em faulty car parts to save fuel and the Earth, says the oyxgen sensor blog

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    An all electric Altima would be a great package. Hopefully in my lifetime.

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    Nissan had an all-electric called the Altra in California in the late '90's. They never let any consumers have it but leased it to fleets (mainly municipal ones). They, like GM, took them all back and crushed them when the leases expired. Nissan used early Li-ion batteries in the Altra and, from what I heard, experienced a lot of infant mortality problems with it. It's too bad that Nissan, like the rest of the ICE manufacturers, chose to crush the technology instead of improving it.
    They also made a few hyper-mini's that were small, pure electric, city cars with a 55 mph top speed. These only were made with right hand drive and they, too were never permitted in consumer hands and were also crushed, some, leased by the city of Pasadena, CA, were returned and crushed just last year.

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