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Thread: Rear Tire Wear

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    So you had to get Honda

    So you had to get Honda authorization for the Dealer to do the upgrade work and get the new tires?

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    Auto Park Honda of Cary, NC

    Auto Park Honda of Cary, NC to this day (and I called on Friday 2-29-08, talked to Jeff in service) totally deny a kit is available and do not return my calls. They are totally crooks. On the other hand, I talked to a really nice Honda dealer in Jacksonville, NC and they came clean. Honda America has known of the ENTIRE CIVIC LINE 2006+ having a rear tire wear issue due to negative camber FOR 2 YEARS. They started offering a free kit with install in DEC 2007 and it takes 1:15 minutes to install. This IS a HONDA kit and installed upon request with no recall at this time. So it depends on if the dealer are SOB's like in CARY NORTH CAROLINA at AUTO PARK HONDA where they DENY and ACCUSE the CUSTOMER of causing the problem, or a fine, honorable dealership like LEJUNE HONDA in JACKSONVILLE NC where they say "Yeah, got an hour, we'll be glad to fix that, and Hondas' going to cover that for you!
    Oh yeah, Honda America could really take the bull by the horns and tell the JERKY Honda dealerships to please don't lie and tell the customers who pay $500 a month for their CIVICs that it's your problem, deal with it. They would be glad to to see your wife or kids having a freaking blowout at highway speed than install 2 bolts to your rear tires, and they get reimbursed by honda. Yes, my right rear tire blew out on the way to the dealership.

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    My new 07 Civic Hybrid

    My new 07 Civic Hybrid became uncomfortably loud and vibrated shortly after purchase. Discovered severe tire wear on the inside of both rear tires at 8-10k miles. Dealer hesitantly replaced both rear tires and concluded that tires were not properly balanced, etc..Civic okay for 2 months, however, the same problem returned at 23k miles. Researched the internet and armed myself with blogs before returning to the dealer. Dealer questioned me regarding proper tire rotation/tire inflation, etc...and stated that they were unsure of the problem. After confronting the dealership with the blogs regarding the rear control arms, vehicle was taken in for service and the rear control arms were replaced. Dealer agreed to purchase one rear tire and I would purchase the other rear tire. Again Civic okay for 2 months, but problem has returned at 28k miles. Returned vehicle to dealer and after test drive and tire inspection, was advised that a vibration was present and although tires had worn evenly, the tires were cupped. It appears that "new" rear control arms have not corrected the problem. I will meet with the dealership's district manager in an attempt to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, dealership has left me afoot because they will not provide a rental vehicle???

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    Good luck. The camber kit

    Good luck. The camber kit Honda installed on my civic did keep the tires from wearing to the belts, but did not stop them from cupping horribly. I've just gotten used to the loud tire noise and the crappy 35 Mpg. Not that 35 Mpg is crappy, but 51 Mpg on the sticker didn't say you have to buy a scan gauge and drive like a sedated turtle to get the 51 Mpg.

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    Which Honda dealership are

    Which Honda dealership are you associated with?

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    I just sent a e-mail to the

    I just sent a e-mail to the NHSTA regarding the unsafe condition on all 2006-08 Civics. I have nearly hydroplaned off the road 3 times here in Hawaii before realizing that the inside of my rear tires were worn bald while the outsides looked new. I am running into nothing but denial and refusal to pay and have now contacted Honda of America who is agreeing to pay for the new control arms but only partial payment on the tires.
    The scary part is do I now have a lemon that can't be fixed and is going to be worth nothing on the market?

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    Just wondering of any of you

    Just wondering of any of you who've mentioned lemon laws have had any satisfaction? We're having the same problem with rear tire wear on our '08 and are just starting down this road. We were told by our dealer - who's been very good so far - that we didn't need new rear control arms.

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    same shit 2 new tires on

    same shit 2 new tires on the back once and asking again 31k on the car and i could see it with my naked i but nobody wants to due anything its all up to oem specs no shit the oem is the one that is off.

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    Got the same isue on my '07.

    Got the same isue on my '07. 35k+, shimmying at highway speeds, also around 40mph. Not affecting mileage, though, as we're at 47mpg over the life of the car. Has Honda ever put out a service bulletin?

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    I just spoke with my local

    I just spoke with my local honda service rep, who indicated this problem did not affect all second generation civic hybrids. (e.g. my current tires have 65K miles on them and still have wear lef). He acknowledged there is a "honda-authorized fix" for those that have the problem. He also indicated you would know if the first 30K miles if your vehicle was one that had the problem, so if you passed this point you probably don't need to worry that you may have this problem.

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